Very Urgent and Important Message

Just a brief note from the Bangalore Walla,

Hi to all my friends and visitors to my Homepages, after August 2003, due to reasons beyond my control, it is unfortunate that I have to ask you all to send only e-mail messages to the following address or until the time I remove this Notice, or I change the date to a deadline.

In a very small way, I have started my own Web Design and Content enterprise, so incase you would like me to make a page for you or even write a section for any of you 'dotcom' companies for your pages on Bangalore, I am available for a small consultation fee. I think you will agree with me that I do need to get some income to carry on getting new material for this Bangalorewalla page, and only You can help me!!. It has been a few months since I have received a salary, and I have to thank the gracious MMC IT companies for that. This is the reason that I have stopped photographing Bangalore.
Should you however find that some of the links or there is something radical wrong with the homepages, please then send an e-mail. I will appreciate if you do write to me and keep in touch by surface mail at Ronnie Johnson, 5/3 King's Street, Richmond Town, Bangalore 560 025, India. Residence Phone in Bangalore: 080 2240145. You may also mention your e-mail address in case you need me to e-mail you a reply, it may take a little time, but you will get a reply. Although my e-mail addresses are active and I have not removed the links, I however, will have access to the Internet freely to read them at my convenience.

Hi Everyone,

Thank you for visiting my Bangalorewalla page, and do come again, you may find more that you missed on the first visit. Many of you have sent me mails appreciating the page and how much joy it has brought you in returning you to your past roots. Many have also expressed their appreciation by offering 'to help' with the updating of the pages by data, photos and some even have suggested that they contribute towards costs. Sofar I haven't taken up anyone's offer, and perhaps have missed out on much, but now I have decided to take up the offer of 'contribution', both in data/photos and also towards costs, but with a difference. Towards costs, I am inviting you to consider being partner in building up a Library as explained below.

Some of you would know that I once enjoyed the employment of an IT Mutinational, but that has changed mainly because of the changes in the market demands, and retrenchment fashions, not being a permanent member of the so called elite IT companies, one does not get the benefits of being laid off, and its 'sudden death' as the extended time of any game like football or hockey goes. My daughter Joanne having decided to go in for a Degree in Fashion Design, and after scouting around the FD Institutions in Bangalore, found many so over priced and rip-off where fees were concerned. Earlier, Wigin & Leigh _ Femina _Fashion.TV, had floated an All-India Fashion Design Scholarship competition a few months back, and I do have to bragg that my Joanne won the competition. However, W&L came out with the results too late as we already committed to Joanne joining ALT Training College (Apparel & Leather Technics) for a Fashion Degree, so we could not accept the scholarship offered by W&L. Fortunately or unfortuantely, ALT refused to refund the 30 thousand rupees fees paid to them, so we had to give up the scholarship for this year. Verbally, W&L wants Joanne to join them in the second year, as they are really impressed by her presentation at the competition. To encourage Joanne, I have started getting hold of various books related to her course and as a Reference Libary build-up, and some of these books are quite old (1949!), but that is what I could afford, as many of them I purchased at the book sales, and others have donated to the kitty. I have listed below a collection of books that Joanne presently has in her library, and also a list of books available in Bangalore that could be useful for her future. Incase you would like to 'help' further build up her library, you are most welcome to do so, and thanks for the thought, and if you do have any related books that you are not using, would appreciate receiving the same for the library.
I havent updated the Bangalorewalla page from 1999, but have added two sister sites on KGF and McCluskieganj, which I think you will find very interesting. and . I do have some material collected during the years after 1999, and will have to scan them and make up the pages for the Bangalore page.

Thanks once again for the wishes, and hope to hear from you all again,

The Bangalorewalla!!


Click to see Books already in Joanne's Fashion Library:

My Wife, Maisy and I, Thank you for your support for our Homepages on Bangalore, and I do regret that I will be "going slow " some of the contents of the Home Pages on Bangalore for the moment, or till I have some more matter to update the pages with photographs and information. So until then, cheers and thanks for your support, please do not stop visiting the pages, you may find that some of the pages could have been updated!!. Please convey this information to our Internet mutual acquaintances around the world. Link my Pages to yours and also inform your friends in case you find the same interesting.

I have had opportunity to update my Anglo-Indian pages, and a new one is a trip to Kerala and some more photos of Towns and Houses. Do check them out. Also the New pages added. I am trying to cover KGF and Mysore. I have added Malleswaram and Basavangudi. Visit The Graphic Milllennium Page.

St. Joseph's Old Boys, please send message through the OBA grapewine!

Tangy folk, please visit the "Tangy Bangy Club" !


I miss all you guys out there, Till we meet again, God Bless, Take Care!

Ronnie Johnson

"The Bangalore Walla"

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