People from Mangalore, The Early Mangalorean Families of Bangalore

From: "Antara Mascarenhas" To: Date: Fri, 12 Nov 1999 13:08:35 NZDT Hi, my name is Antara Mascarenhas. I was very excited to come across your webpage last evening. I amManglorean from the Bendur Mascarenhas Family. My father is Reginald (Reggie) Mascarenhas, son of Charles A. and Alice (nee Pinto) Mascarenhas. My mother is Iris Mascarenhas, daughter of Harold and Vera (nee Monteiro) Machado, also from Mangalore. I noticed that you are currently adding a section on the Mascarenhas Family of Mangalore. However, I'm sure there are several! My father's family grew up in Mysore as my grandfather was stationed there as an Engineer in the Railways. My mother was born in M'lore but lived in Hassan and then Bangalore. Most of my mother's family still lives in B'lore, including my grandmother, some of whom live in Richmond Town. My parents moved to Wellington, New Zealand, in 1975 where my father is Professor in Public Policy at Victoria University. Despite living in Wellington, we have kept in close contact with everyone in Bangalore, visiting regularly. Being very proud of my Manglorean heritage, I found your page very heartwarming. Mum of course recognised most of the names in your 'people' section. When i mentioned your webpage to my mother she said that there was a Ronnie Johnson in her brother's class at St Joseph's, her brother (my uncle) being Horace Machado. She wondered if it was the same Ronnie Johnson. I will keep a close watch for updates on your page. Regards, Antara

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The Bicentuary Mangalorean Celebrations of Liberation from Srirangapattam

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