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Did You Know Bangalore was 460 Years Old in the Year 1997? (1537-1997)

This is the Original Bangalore Walla Home Page put up on 26 October 1996

BANGALORE , ( ... the City that hosted the "Wills World Cup 1996" for Cricket , and also hosted the drama packed "Miss World 1996", and being already famous for it's "Pizza Hut" & "Kentucky Fried Chicken"!! , not forgetting the "Software Technology Park" labels that are sprouting around .. antenas and dishes form a new skyline, TV cables strung from buildings to buildings supplying "35 Plus Channels" to the 'dumb boxes'!!) ... Memories ... etc. that I came across just made me feel real down ... not ... "that down" that I would have to hit one of the 100's of Pubs in the City.. I could not help but start thinking of Bangalore as I remember some 40 years ago till later ... from the late 50's early 60's ... , I did not stop at that, it's got memories of old timers way back into the past, you can link this to your Site for others to get nostalgic about Bangalore ... one of the Best Loved Cities in the World ... Can We Save It?

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Welcome to Ron's Home Page,

An Exclusive on Old Bangalore City ...

The Climate.... how the City breathes .... some of the Parks .... Cubbon, Lalbagh .

The Music plays on .... Bands, Jazz, Entertainers, Pop, Rock, Choral ....

Some Places in Bangalore that refused to die .... Brigades, MGeez, Commercials, Churches, Sports, Educational Institutions, Whitefield ....

The Good Old Days .... People and Old Families of Bangalore ...

If you were a Visitor to Bangalore in the 1920's ...

Places of interest, ...

Hotels, Guest Houses ...,

Environment, Lifestyle .. look at Bangalore in the 1940's...

"Picking up the Pieces" of Good Old Bangalore .... An Appeal to help preserve the last of the Memories of Bangalore ....

"Children of the World Unite in Love & Peace" ... this page is intended to be run by the Children of some of the Schools in Bangalore, and is to all you kids out there on the Net, and in the World.. still under construction...

To God Be The Glory .... A Christian Home Page, People In The Lord's Kingdom, Testimonies, Experiences, Missionaries, the Word of God, those who Serve Mankind, People in need of support ... etc.

A Single Rose can be Your Garden ..... A Collection of Flowers of Bangalore

St. Joseph's OBA Home Pages

The Anglo-Indian Home Page, Bangalore .... (An Anglo-Indian Experience in Australia)

Ron's Bangalore Walla Collection ... A Collection of Photos of Bangalore ... hope to make you home sick Bangalore Walla!!... Have Fun!

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Shalom All Visitors - Seasons Greetings, Joyful Easter and a Fantastic New Year 1998!, special Love sent to all the Children on their holidays, and to all the Children that never knew what a Smile was, Love them World, espically those who have nobody, parents who have been killed in the clashes in Africa, Europe, Middle East, and Asia. Give them hope, that there is a tomorrow- filled with

Love, Joy, Happiness and above all Peace of the Risen Lord, Jesus be with you.

Celebrating 50 Years of Indian Independence!!


If you like this Site, tell another Bangalore Walla!, infact tell another Indian about your City of Bangalore, you are free to link up this Site to your Site or anyother Site that has similar news. Also you could browse some of the Sites on India given below. I would also like to thank "Geocities.com" for giving me a Site, infact Bangalore a Site. Please visit their other locations, maybe you can get a Site for yourself also, and can add to this information... Bye for the present to all Net-surfers, send me your feedback please. I am trying to link photographs to the various places named, but due to space constraints, an not able to. If you have some space to give me to link this Site, I could send you the photo ".gif" files for you to connect, each word underlined has a photo available (more than 80 photos available to be used). I also wish to thank all those who gave me some feedback and input for this article, especially Mr. T.P.Issar, who has made some corrections on the original version of this and also kindly given me permission to use some of the photos from his book "The City Beautiful", if I need to. Also my family Maisy, Joanne and Andrew, my friends, my colleagues. Mr. Kora Chandy who gave me so much of encouragement by helping with the further editing of this article, and use of the copy of his precious book " The Mysore and Coorg Directory" of 1883. Thanking Friends from Sydney, Australia; Fr. Ronnie Prabhu, Rector of St. Joseph's Institutions, Pastor from St. John's Church, Assistant Parish Priest Fr. John Rose of St. Patrick's Church and Pastor of St. Andrew's Church for their inputs. Mrs. Susan Heredia for her editing and inputs on Bangalore of yesteryears, Sr. Kirpa and Sr. Aneeta of Sophia High School for material on the School. Mrs. Audrey and Brig. Leslie King for their rare photograph of Tippu's Lookout in Lalbagh, Mrs. Joey Wilson for her important recollections of Bangalore around Cubbon Road. I am sorry about the delay, but so many inputs were coming in and I had to close somewhere. This Site will be updated from time to time, as and when I complete compiling the information received on Bangalore. There is a possibility of later introducing a "Section on Bangalore in the late 1800's". Thanks to Prashant Prakash and S. Gowda of the Site at Indiaexpress.com/bangalore/what/ban_comment.html for putting up the first version of this article on the Net. Also I have to thank Miss. Bernie Pinto, Retired Teacher for inputs on St. Anthony's Boys' School; Mr. Alec Alverez and the Old Boys' of St. Joseph's Boys' School, for their support. Special thanks to my colleague Ravi Shankar for his valuable help in Scanning the Photographs, I have to also thank many friends for the help and advice they gave me regarding information and also those who helped in dataentry, Ian Carvalho the computer wizard who assisted me in putting this on the Net, special thanks to Ashok Iyer a great Josephite, who baled me out with some space on the Net for my photographs, also my son Andrew and my colleague Sujatha for dataentry. There are so many good people that keep giving me updates on information I thank them for the same, and please treat this as a personal Acknowledgement even if your name is not mentioned, as the text has become very long.

Ronnie Johnson, Bangalore, August 1996 - June 1997

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Special Section

Commonwealth Cemeteries, War Graves & War Memorials in Bangalore & India

Need Urgent information on a very old cemetery called "Agram Cemetery or Old Protestant Cemetery " in Bangalore, 1805 - 1870


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