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Let me tell you about myself.

My name is Andrea Preethi Phillips, and I am 17 years old. I studied at Sophia High School, Bangalore, now I study at Mount Carmel College, Bangalore and I like to be a Writer. I like my city of Bangalore.
I have two sisters whose names are Angela and Cookie. Angela is older to me and very pretty. She is also studying at Mounts. My mom's name is Thelma and my Dad is Joseph, people call him Joe.
My school class photos are below and you can click on them for the names.

Here are my pictures of my family and myself.

This is the photo of my family:

This is the photo at Cookie's First Holy Communion, with my Principal Sr. Aneeta, and Fr. Oswald.

This is the photo receiving my graduation certificate at my school.

This is me with my favourite 'Stars'. Don't I look cute?

This is a closer view of  me.

This is a closer view of my pretty sister Angela, (click on this photo for a larger view)

Here I am larger , you click on me for a large view.

andash9.jpg (64779 bytes)

This is my Class IX group at Sophia High School in 1998-1999

anda10.jpg (69673 bytes)

This is my Class X group at Sophia High School in 1999-2000

This is my 8th Std Class Photo

This is my Retreat Group (IXth's & Xth's) in 1999

This is my Retreat Group (IXth's & Xth's) in 2000

This is Angela's Retreat Group (IXth's & Xth's) in 1998

The early days .... some memories

This is my first publication in 1996

The story of my life in Pictures

This is at a friend's birthday long, long ago!, yet another picture, This is also a birthday long, ago!

This is my sister Angela when she was in High School

Still more about myself later.
Bye for now,

Andrea Preethi

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